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Unable to Adapt to Differences: This is probably one of the most common reasons promising people get in trouble on the job. Maybe you are not updating and keeping yourself fresh or you may have gotten in your comfort zone and are uncomfortable with change. While you may be doing great now, some may say you are inflexible or can't handle disagreement. So what do you do? Try this short checklist to ensure this is not a problem for you:

  1. Be comfortable with change

  2. Challenge change constructively but go along if you can

  3. Relate well to your bosses

  4. Be open to the views of others

  5. Be able to handle conflict evenhandedly

  6. Be able to deal with bad bosses reasonably well

  7. Make transitions to the new and different well

  8. Support things you don't totally agree with if you can

Source: For Your Improvement by Korn Ferry, 5th edition


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