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Get Out and Vote on Aug. 17!

As the special election approaches on August 17, it is the responsibility of local citizens to exercise their democratic privilege and vote! Do you have a voting plan this year? Of course, polls will be open all over the district for in-person voting. This year, anyone is also permitted to fill out absentee ballots because of the risks of COVID-19. This is a great way to make sure your vote is counted and heard if you can’t get to your polling place on August 17.

In Greenwich, the process is simple. First, you must request an absentee ballot application. You can do that by visiting the Town Clerk’s office at Greenwich Town Hall, by calling the Town Clerk’s office, or by printing out the linked file on this webpage:

After filling out the application, return it to the Town Clerk’s office by mail or in person. Then, you will be provided with your secure, closed-envelope absentee ballot. Following the instructions on the ballot, fill it out and vote for your desired candidate. Then, drop your ballot in the mail or in the ballot box at Town Hall to submit!

More information can be found on the Town Clerk’s office webpage within the Greenwich Town Hall website.

The three candidates vying for the 36th district State Senate seat are John Blankely, Ryan Fazio, and Alexis Gevanter. MVP hosted a debate between the three candidates. To learn more about each candidate's platform and priorities if given the job, watch the full debate here:

It’s important to understand each candidate and their platforms in order to make an informed decision during the election. Visit each candidate’s website to learn more about their background and goals for our district.

John Blankley:

We look forward to seeing everyone in our community at the polls or submitting a ballot early! Getting involved in politics on a local level gives us the opportunity to make real change in our own community. Go vote on August 17!


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