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MVP Election Fact Sheet: What's On The Ballot?

It’s important to know and understand the roles you are electing as these are the officials who will be able to create direct change in our community. My Voting Power is dedicated to informing voters before elections, arming them with all the knowledge they need to make the best decision for them, their family, and their community.

The following positions will be up for election on November 2, 2021:

First Selectman: The chief executive officer of the town, the First Selectman functions as a town mayor. They work in tandem with the Board of Selectmen to make major decisions for the town. The First Selectman supervises numerous town departments like Fire, Police, Public Works, Law, Information Technology, and Parks and Recreation. One major responsibility of the First Selectman is to write and propose town budgets and submit them to the Board of Estimation and Taxation for revision and approval.

Board of Selectmen: The Board of Selectmen is comprised of the First Selectman and two other elected Selectpeople. These Selectpeople assist the First Selectman in making major decisions for the town and overseeing the aforementioned departments. It is important to note that no more than two members of the Board of Selectmen may belong to the same party, encouraging varying perspectives and stances on various town issues.

Board of Education: The Board of Education is just as it sounds, a board of eight members who are responsible for the town’s public school system. They enact new policy, work on education budget allocation, select the Superintendent of Schools, approve curricula, and more. Their main function is to oversee and maintain the fifteen total public schools in town.

Board of Estimation and Taxation (BET): The BET is a committee consisting of twelve members who are taxpayers and hold no other elected position. This aims to help maintain unbiased opinions and an active stake in the town. The RTC and DTC will each nominate six people to be members of the BET, to remain fair between parties. They also appoint a chairperson from each party to lead the two sides. The main goal of the BET is to set the town’s fiscal budget, consider town spending, and determine tax rates each year. They oversee the Finance Department and the Assessor.

Representative Town Meeting (RTM): The RTM is a legislative body in town consisting of 230 members elected by the 12 districts in town. They function to approve or reject budgetary decisions, amend or enforce town ordinances, decide whether the town shall accept federal or state funds for town projects, and more. Each of these members serve a two-year term and they hold monthly meetings, open to the public. You can find out more information about attending the RTM's meetings at

Tax Collector: The Tax Collector is an elected, two-year position that primarily functions as a touch point for all tax paying citizens. They are responsible for collecting all property tax owed by town citizens.

Town Clerk: The Town Clerk is an elected, two-year position and functions to keep town records in order. For example, you might visit the Town Clerk’s office to prepare and print your absentee ballot or request a marriage license. This office handles all administrative and municipal records for citizens in town.

Constable: In our town, there are seven Constables who work to protect legal processes in town. They serve legal documents such as eviction notices and notices of lawsuits. Of the total seven Constables, four are appointed by the majority party and three by the minority and they serve a two-year term.

All of these positions are up for re-election in November and it is the responsibility of the Greenwich citizens to make informed decisions when making their choice on their ballot. That is why My Voting Power is committed to educating and engaging the community.

Big Announcement! Prior to election day, My Voting Power is hosting four debates, a two night event, between the candidates for First Selectman, Board of Selectmen, Town Clerk, and BET. We invite our community to join us in asking the important questions to those up for election. Stay tuned for our emails and follow us on social media to learn more about attending the upcoming debate!


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