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MVP Election Fact Sheet: Who's On The Ballot?

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Know who will be on your ballot this November! Research and understanding is imperative when making your decision at the polling place this fall. These elected officials could be the ones enacting real change in our community. It’s important to make your decision based on each candidate’s platform, policy, and ideology. MVP will arm you with the resources you need to make that informed choice.

Visit The DTC and RTC websites to learn about each party’s candidates:

First Selectman

Fred Camillo | Republican

William “Bill” Kelly | Democrat


Lauren Rabin | Republican

Janet Stone McGuigan | Democrat

Town Clerk

Jackie Budkins | Republican

Mary “Molly” Saleeby | Democrat

Tax Collector

Heather Smeriglio | Republican

Trevor Crow | Democrat

Board of Estimation and Taxation

Leslie Moriarty | Democrat

Miriam Kreuzer | Democrat

Laura Erickson | Democrat

David Weisbrod | Democrat

Stephen Selbst | Democrat

Jeffrey Ramer | Democrat

Dan Ozizmir | Republican

Karen Fassuliotis | Republican

Michael Basham | Republican

Nisha Arora | Republican

Bill Drake | Republican

Leslie L. Tarkington | Republican

Board of Education

Kathleen Stowe | Democrat

Laura Kostin | Democrat

Megan Galletta | Republican

Claire Muldoon | Republican

Michael-Joseph Mercanti Anthony | Republican

Cody Kittle | Republican

Board of Assessment Appeals

William Grad | Democrat

Howard Richman | Democrat

Joseph Huley | Democrat

Christopher "Kit" Mill | Republican

Jeff Reardon | Republican

Mark Pruner | Republican


Donnie Romeo | Democrat

Dawn Fortunato | Democrat

John J. Thompson | Republican

Martin C. Blanco | Republican

Charles "Eddie" Thivierge | Republican

Donna Maloney | Republican

Representative Town Meeting (RTM)

To view the full list of RTM candidates for each district, visit this page.

All of these Greenwich residents and respected members of the community are running for office in this coming municipal election and it is the responsibility of the Greenwich citizens to make informed decisions when making their choice on their ballot. That is why My Voting Power is committed to educating and engaging the community.


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