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MVP Voter Toolkit: What do State Representatives & State Senators do?

It’s important to completely understand the roles and responsibilities of our elected officials before making our way to the polls. This information helps us understand how the candidates’ platforms and interests will affect future policy and conversations. MVP has put together this guide exploring the role of two important elected roles: State Representatives and State Senators.


State Representatives:

The Connetcicut House of Representatives is the lower house in the Connecticut General Assembly, comprised of 151 members, each representing a district. Greenwich has three current State Representatives, each serving a different district. Our town’s current State Representatives include Kimberly Fiorello (District 149,) Steve Meskers (District 150,) and Harry Arora (District 151.) Fiorello’s district also includes part of Stamford.

A State Representative’s role is to represent their districts and work in tandem with other legislative roles, like State Senators. A main pillar of this position is to be the mouthpiece of your constituents in your district, advocating for their interests.

State Representatives create and vote on bills that make or modify laws. They serve on committees to address individual issues like healthcare, infrastructure, etc. to make these legislative changes.

State Representatives serve two year terms and convene at the State Capitol in Hartford.

State Senators:

The Connecticut State Senate is comprised of 36 members, each representing a district. Greenwich’s current State Senator is Ryan Fazio. Fazio was elected in 2021 and represents Greenwich, parts of Stamford, and parts of New Canaan.

A State Senator’s role is to represent their district and constituents at a higher level than State Representatives. They work with the interest of the constituents in their districts to consider legislation in the state.

State Senators serve on committees, introduce and vote on laws, vote on the composition of the Connecticut Supreme Court, and more. They work to draft, discuss, and approve bills and resolutions, thus directly influencing state laws and regulations.

State Senators serve two year terms and convene at the State Capitol in Hartford.


Our guide is only a brief introduction into the roles and responsibilities of state representatives and state senators. Make sure to do your own research into each candidate to make sure you’re making an informed vote this November. Stay tuned for more resources by MVP!


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