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MVP Voter Toolkit: What's On Candidates' Minds?

Just like every election, it’s important to know what topics are on the minds of the candidates and constituents. MVP has compiled a list of important issues as told by the candidates to help you understand and identify some of the topics being discussed in our town this election season.

MVP sourced these topics from the websites and literature provided by each candidate, both Democratic and Republican.

Topic 1: Economy

  • Local Taxes

  • Inflation

  • Government Spending/Budget Plans

A key issue this election is the economy. As inflation continues to raise prices across the country, you should know what your local government will be doing to help. Many candidates have vowed to lower taxes, but you should do your own research to see how they plan to accomplish this and create a stable economy for the community.

Topic 2: Education

  • Public School Funding

  • Curriculum

  • COVID Adaptations

Education is always an important issue in the local communities. With so many families in our community, conversations around curriculum, access, resources, and more are so important to daily life in our public schools.

Topic 3: Environmental Conservation

  • Resource Allocation

  • Sanitation and Waste Management

  • Zoning/Building Permits

  • Energy Costs

Environmental conservation is a hot button topic of the moment. Almost all of the candidates in the upcoming election have released information about their stances, plans, and policies surrounding the issue. Assess how each candidate approaches environmental change through improvements to public transportation, our waste management systems, and more.

Topic 4: Infrastructure

  • Government Budget Allocation

  • Building Permits/New Construction

Infrastructure is an important aspect of what makes a community unique. It affects our daily life, the value of our homes, and quality of life in town. Connecticut was given an infusion of infrastructure funding from the Federal Government and it’s important to know how those allocation decisions will be made.

Topic 5: Local Control

  • State/Federal Relationship

  • Local Official Morals and Policies

Local control is a key issue for our community. Issues that are influenced by local control include zoning, affordable housing, and regionalization. What works for other towns might not work for ours, so it’s important to see how candidates will advocate for local control in our community.

Topic 6: Zoning

  • Affordable Housing

  • New Road Development

  • New Construction Projects

Zoning is an important issue regarding the development of our town. It affects roads, housing, businesses, and more. In order to help the development of our community, it’s important to know where each candidate stands on zoning.

In order to learn more about which issues matter most to the candidates, check out our Who Is On The Ballot? Article. Researching each candidate, their platform, their morals, and more can help you make an informed decision by the time you get to the polls!


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