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Who Are Our New Elected Officials?

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Welcome to a new term, MVP community! After our last election on November 8, 2022, we rang in a new batch of elected officials. These newly elected legislators assume office on January 4, 2023, so we are coming to you with all the information you need to get to know them before they begin their terms. Use this resource to uncover the change these leaders enacted on a state and local level in past terms as well as what their plans are for 2023.

Election Winners:

Governor Ned Lamont (D) | Incumbent Candidate

Gov. Lamont has been serving as Governor of CT since 2019. Learn about his past accomplishments, opinions, and legislature on CT based news publications like NBC CT, CT Mirror, Hartford Courant, and Greenwich Time as well as his campaign website. Make sure to read up on past, present and future priorities before Gov. Lamont enters his new term to get a handle on the issues on the docket.

United States Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) | Incumbent Candidate

Senator Richard Blumenthal has been in office since 2011. Similar to Gov. Ned Lamont, you can find ample information on his past policies and opinions on local news sources. Check out his website as well to hear it from the source.

Tip: Always make sure to read multiple sources when researching an elected official to avoid any bias!

Congressional Representative Jim Himes (D) | Incumbent Candidate

US Congressman Jim Himes has been in office since 2009. With that tenure under his belt, there is more than enough information online to get an impression of his political priorities for CT. Check out his website and alternative news sources to learn more about his past efforts.

State Senate 36 Ryan Fazio (R) | Incumbent Candidate

State Senator Ryan Fazio is beginning his second term in January. Check out his campaign website for his stance on hot issues in CT at the moment under the Issues tab.

State Representative 149 Rachel Khanna (D)

State Representative Rachel Khanna is set to serve her first term representing the 149th district. Khanna took over the position from incumbent State Representative Kimberly Fiorello. Khanna has written numerous letters and op-eds in publications like the Stamford Advocate, Greenwich Sentinel, and CT Insider. Check them out on her website to hear her perspective.

State Representative 150 Steve Meskers (D) | Incumbent Candidate

First elected in 2018, State Representative Steve Meskers is set to start his third term in this position. Meskers represents the 150th district. Since he is also an incumbent candidate, you can look for information detailing his record in this position and all that he accomplished during his last term.

State Representative 151 Hector Arzeno (D)

State Representative Hector Arzeno will be beginning his first term in this position in January, representing the 151st district. Arzeno is the first democrat in town history to win this seat. He succeeded former State Rep. Harry Arora for the 151st district. Arzeno details his stances on important issues on his website. Read more about his plans for his term there.

MVP wants you to be prepared for the new leaders entering office in January. That includes understanding the motivations, opinions, and future plans of our elected representatives. Research is the basis for an informed opinion!


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